Jealousy The Eruption From Within



Have you ever heard someone speaking about some good news that has happened in their lives and then you feel that heat rising up from your belly to your head? eg.

  • I got a new car
  • I brought a new house
  • I had a holiday
  • My family has been restored. We are all talking together now
  • God has set me free from my ……………

Most of these people are not boasting, but just excited. Do you share their excitement and joy with them? Or do you grumble within?

How about when someone has a talent or gifting that you have always wanted. Others may speak of this person or you may see it. Then the grumblings start from within. eg

  • She/He is a great host/hostess
  • She/He is so beautiful
  • She/He is a specialist in his or her field
  • She/He has been promoted
  • She/He is a joy to be around

Of course this would not have happened to you with everything on the lists, these are just examples. Each person though, would be able to relate to the feeling of jealousy rising up.

You can feel the pressure within and the heat building up.

You may not say anything, but it is still there. Or you might say something, then it becomes to plain to all around that in fact you are erupting.

Proverbs 27:4 Wrath is cruel (fierce and violent), anger is overwhelming (overflowing like a flood), but who can stand (endure, suffer, remain) before (face, accept, deal with) jealousy ( heat, great energy, resentment,discontented wanting what others have)?

In other words “Who wants deal with people who are resentful towards others because of what they have? No one!! Unless of course you are jealous as well. lol”

Exodus 20:17 “You shall not covet (desire) your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet (desire) your neighbor’s wife, or his male servant, or his female servant, or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that is your neighbor’s.”

If we can liken ourselves for a moment to a volcano, you will fit into one of three categories:



They are regularly groaning from within. As the heat builds up you can see steam arise from the top and sometimes the pressure will be so intense that it will erupt and lava and ash spews out, burning, poisoning or suffocating anything that is in its vicinity.




Volcanoes can lie dormant for years and years. Its hillside can be home for trees and be part of a beautiful landscape, offering homes and shelter for many of the native wildlife, sometimes even people. It can be a blessing for so much around it. Even though it is not an active volcano, there is still the probability that it can become active in the future. Out of blue, it may start to grumble or even erupt. Laying waste to the landscape around it and devastating lives.




This type of volcano may have been active in the past, but now there is no sign of it being alive from within. Therefore the chances of an eruption are extremely minute. Making this a safe haven for those around it, including people. Many people will live safely here on the hillside with fertile soils for crops, building secure homes within the protection of the hills natural wall or gullies that are near.

So Which Are You?

Is Your Volcanic Activity A Safe Haven or A Dangerous Place to Be?

Is Your Volcanic Activity Attracting Life Or Is It Toxic?

1 Corinthians 3:3 For you are still of the flesh (relating to physical needs). For while there is jealousy (heat , great energy, resentment, discontented, wanting what others have),  and strife (quarrel, arguments) among you, are you not of the flesh and behaving only in a human way?

I was once an active volcano. Always feeling resentment toward people and God when others shared their triumphs and successes. I was bitter and felt that I was not good enough. As much as I smiled and showed joy in my life, underneath it all was a constant river of molten lava that was stirring within my belly, just waiting for the right trigger to set it off. I knew only too well the following angry questions to God:

  • How come I don’t have what they have?
  • How come I cant do what that person does?
  • Why is God blessing them more than me?

As I have continued to walk with God, however it has now been downgraded to a Dormant one, but heading to Extinction as I follow, by faith the Word of God and the Truth of the Love. I can feel it happening. The growling hardly ever happens, in fact, it is now mainly joy I feel when it comes to the blessings of others. I am not completely there, but I can truly see the difference.

The  more we can learn to focus on the ways of God instead of focusing on the what others have or are doing, the more we will find peace and as a result be able to genuinely show true happiness for those around you with a testimony to tell. Why, because you will know the freedom of contentment.





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