When The Comets of Life Come Crashing


Life will often bring us unexpected twists and turns that we are not prepared for. Things can change in our circumstances very quickly without any notice at all. It happens to all of us. Some of these things will have a positive impact on our lives and some will have a negative impact on us. It will hit so suddenly, that sometimes you wont even see it coming.

God mentions that good and bad things will happen to everyone, saved or unsaved. But it seems to be ignored for many when the comet lands and people take it personally. 

Our western church society has a widely spread notion that if you are a favorable Christian then nothing lousy will happen to you. In fact, you will be showered with endless blessings with your assets, work, family and friends. So when things go wrong, many Christians are left feeling that they are being punished for something that they have done in their lives. That God is striking them with some form of lightning as well as a comet.  If you read the Bible, you will clearly see that this is not the case at all. In fact, you will suffer just as much as everyone else will in this world. That is part of life. That is part of learning maturity in Christ. 









You may have excellent or awful things happen around you, maybe even to you. But it is not about you, it is about God. The only thing that is about you is, HOW WILL YOU RESPOND? You are a temporary body and mind housing an eternal soul. It is that soul that needs to be protected, nurtured and guarded at all costs. Nothing else matters.



Our Examples The Disciples

The disciples, who are supposed to be our example of walking in faith, had both wonderful and crummy things happen in their lives during their walks with God and in all of it they were thankful and able to praise. 

Was it because they had super powers that they were able leap all problems in a single bound. I think not!! They had faith and the Holy Spirit leading them.

They had learnt to walk with thankfulness and appreciation regardless of their circumstances. They learnt to repent often. They learnt to love Christ’s way. They learnt how to walk spiritually instead of naturally. This didn’t just happen instantly. They had to learn how to trust God in all things just like the rest of us. They had learnt to surrender their natural man thoughts and replace them with God’s thoughts. They still experienced grief and joy, but their perspective had changed. This was their decision. This was their choice. Once they came to that decision the Holy Spirit did the rest. 



I, for years felt that I was in an endless comet shower. I felt that I could not dodge or hide from the endless drama that kept landing around me. The ground was always scorched and burnt. I was always grieving about something. This, I felt was my plight in life. My destiny. This I thought was all I would know for my future.


After much time and many tears, the weight and burden of this life was weighing me down so much that I no longer had hope. But then something changed. Out of the blue. totally unexpected.

The comets were still landing, but I was no longer being so badly affected by their impact. I could see them and hear them crashing around me, but I was able to separate my emotions from the situation and see more clearly than before. I had learnt to see things from a spiritual perspective rather than a natural one. I was finally learning to line up my mind with my spiritual soul. Rather than having the two always competing for power. Bringing me endless turmoil and tears. I still rejoice and grieve in the things that happen in life, but I now have a different eye to see them.

I believe that God was trying to get my attention for a long time, but I was so locked in by the sound of my own self pity and turmoil, that I could not hear His still, quiet voice ushering my wild mind towards His peaceful spirit.



If you can relate to this, then please pray that God and the Holy Spirit will put your mind in submission to the soul within you that belongs to God. Read your word for encouragement and building of your faith.  Attend church regularly for support and family connection. Pray, Pray, Pray. Praise, Praise, Praise. Help others.



You Work for The Kingdom Of God

Not the Other Way Around



My eyes are opened and now I see

That the spirit of God it Dwells in me

My flesh may tumble, My mind may fall

But God is certainly,The Ruler of It All

So Have Your Way My Mighty King

Let Your Holy Spirit Have Everything

This vessel is flawed, but the spirit is strong

Let your will and your way, be all that I long




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