Hi Everyone,

My name is Monica Turnbull and I am a member of Calvary Lighthouse Northside at Redcliffe Qld Australia. I have the covering and blessing from our church to publish content in this website.

This site is designed to inspire and encourage people of faith in their walks with God. Putting my name to this page was a request that was made to me by several people. I did so reluctantly as I am very conscious of my own humanity and also very respectful of the fact that all of my inspiration comes from God. I hope that the words and information that God has shared with me, will inspire you in the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ in your daily walks.

I share only what I have learned or am learning myself as I walk the path with God to perfection. I have made many errors and continue to do so, but also during my walk I have seen great changes as my understanding of God’s love expands in my heart.

Our walks with God are a very personal one. Each one of us is different and our paths are not always the same. However, we are all heading in the same direction. The direction that brings us closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Along the way there are often bumps and blockages that cause us to slow down our journey. These times can be very frustrating as you have to stop to clear the path. But all of these barriers that we come across, are meant to be torn down and cleaned up so that we can continue on our journey.

Many have turned back or even stagnated in the same spot on the path, because they think that they are not good enough, that they have failed, that God is not with them, or they are being punished. They may think that there is no hope for them.img465

I have spent time under this delusion myself in the past. I know and understand this thought pattern only too well. I also understand now, that this is not what God wants for His people.

It doesn’t matter how much we know about the Word of God, its the life experiences that help us understand it better. Its like anything else that we learn in this world. We can sit in class all day long learning the theory, but will not have a true understanding until we are put in a position where we have to use that knowledge in a practical way.

When we put theory into practice, that is when we find out what our strengths and weaknesses are. When we know the weaker areas, we can continue to learning and practicing until it becomes a natural and automatic response to the situation. You wont get this without practice.

It is the daily walking in our lives and the ups and downs that teach us how to practice our faith more effectively in this world. I believe that there is no wasted day in our walk with God. That God is always communicating to us through the words and actions of other people and situations. He is always using our environment to teach us more. We are forever students in His eyes.

This site is basically just me sharing the things with you that God has shown me in my daily walk with him. I am just an average person, leading an average life. I have no bells and whistles. What I do have however, is a story to tell and share, that hopefully will encourage other people in their walk with God and in this life. That God is always cheering us on, even when he is correcting us. Why? Because He wants us all to reach the finish line.



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